For those who want the one-on-one support of a trained exercise specialist, in-person sessions are the way to go. Meeting with me regularly, I will ensure you’re always exercising in the best way possible and will ensure you stay motivated to achieve your goals. In-person sessions can be done in the gym or outside, and incorporate a whole variety of methods and equipment, including weights, TRX, swiss ball, body weight and pilates. I can also work with pairs and small groups.

For those who want to balance the cost of a personal trainer, you have the option to combine online and in-person training. With this option, we’ll meet for less frequent one-to-one sessions where I’ll assess your needs, observe how you move and ensure you fully understand the exercises. I’ll then build the rest of your fitness programme on the app for you to follow in your own time. During our regular meetings, I will even film you practicing the exercises to upload on to the app, so you will always remember the correct technique. I will of course check-in regularly to track your progress and answer any questions you may have.

A fitness assessment is conducted by an exercise professional to help gauge and then determine what proper workout program you will need to achieve your fitness goals. During the fitness assessment I will assess your current fitness level, identify training needs, select training regiments and evaluate the success of the programme in achieving its objectives. For that, I will apply the following tests: health screening; standard measurements; body composition; cardiovascular (VO2Max); flexibility test; muscular strength and endurance. 

Online training lets you benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer, for a fraction of the cost! Using the Trainerize app, I’ll build a customised training plan for you to follow at the gym, at home, or in the park. I can then track and review your progress via the app, tweaking your workouts as required. You also have the option of Skype calls with me to explain your workout, check your progress, update your training and answer any questions.